Love in the Stacks

The ol’ sexy librarian cliché is a cliché for a reason! Yesterday I attended yet another romance related event at a local library. Maybe libraries like to capitalize on the whole Valentine’s Day tie-in? I dunno.


This event took place at Brea Branch Library. It was very nicely done. They had refreshments provided by Friends of the Brea Library, Sprouts and The Corner Bakery Café. There was plenty of comfortable seating, and there were a bunch of authors!! (What is the plural collective of authors? A gaggle of geese, a murder of crows, a pandemonium of parrots – apparently I only know birds? – a fount of authors? Like from fountain pen? No? Let’s work on that.)

They opened with suspense author Jill Sorenson giving a talk, followed by two panels with a snack break in-between. The panels included Jill Sorenson, Robin Bielman, Maggie Marr, Charlene Sands, Tessa Dare, Judy Duarte, and Debra Mullins.

Attending the panel discussion was so much fun for me. I got to chat with some of my favorite authors (I still go all fan-girl when I talk to authors) and I even told Jill about my next project. She thought it sounded like a good read. (Spoiler alert – it is!! I’m so stinkin’ excited about my next project! It’s Blue Lagoon meets 90210, and you will soon be so over my talking about it constantly…)


Please excuse the horrible quality of my gratuitous selfies-with-authors. My cell phone takes The Worst pics. This is Jill Sorenson, still smiling politely despite being forced to listen to my entire plot breakdown.

loveinthestacks4And here I am with Tessa Dare who is still smiling politely despite my harassing her for use of her pen. We have a surprising amount of things in common, and I don’t even mean that in a stalker-y let’s-be-best-friends/Misery kind of way.