Dare to read at Yorba Linda Public Library

I attended a reading by Tessa Dare at Yorba Linda Public Library last night. I adore historical romance, and Tessa Dare is one of my all-time favorite authors. I enjoy her tongue-in-cheek humor and how she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

She spoke on her methods, what she struggles with as a writer, and agreed with the overall opinion in the room that Netflix or Hulu or (insert your favorite content provider) should jump on making historical romances into movies or series! Um, hello? OUTLANDER anyone? Don’t tell me there isn’t a market for it.

There was a pretty good turnout, but they still managed to keep things feeling intimate. (no pun intended)

While there I met another author, Miranda King. She writes delightful royal romances, and happens to be very knowledgeable about fancy collector dolls. It was a special treat to slip away from mommy duties for a few hours and talk romance with fellow fans. Romance authors are among the nicest bunch of peeps you’ll ever meet. I’m hard-pressed to think of any other field where your “competition” is so supportive and encouraging. We’re romance authors – I guess that’s why we realize there’s enough LOVE to go around!


Book covers from afar

Book covers from afar