Cherry Bomb!

I realize that the title I chose for this post might be misinterpreted to mean I thought Cherry Adair bombed during her amazing talk to my RWA chapter yesterday. I actually mean it as quite the opposite! She drops bombs wherever she goes! This woman is fierce. She is vivacious, and full of such frenetic energy you can’t help but be motivated just by sitting near her and soaking up her aura.

The meeting hall was packed with eager disciples of Adair. True to form, she kept us entertained and got our wheels turning on our goals and WIPs.

She’s holding a contest that starts in April called Finish the Damn Book Challenge.

I am super excited to participate in the challenge. I’m already chomping at the bit to start working on my next manuscript.

Cherry Adair is yet another example of the selfless romance authors who graciously give of their time and experience to help others achieve their goals and learn more about the craft. Adair is a tireless mentor, and if you ever get the chance to take one of her workshops or attend one of her talks – DO IT!