The Stormclyffe Affair

Elizabeth Masey did not believe in ghosts – until she fell in love with one.

Elizabeth is a trust fund baby suffering from a recently broken heart. Needing a project to distract her from her heartache, she decides to turn her newly-inherited family estate into a bed and breakfast. Her plans grow complicated when she is informed by the caretaker that Stormclyffe House is haunted.

Things heat up when the sexy contractor she hired to do the remodel starts showing up in her dreams. Add to that one stuffed weasel, an ancient hi-fi system that only plays oldies, and a new proclivity for sleepwalking in the nude, and Elizabeth just may be in over her head.

The Stormclyffe Affair is a fun, quick novella, perfect for a summer beach read, or to get you in the Halloween spirit.


Fun Fact: This story takes place in a fictional town based on one of my favorite places in Maine – Goose Rocks Beach! If you fancy yourself a ghost hunter, the Tides Beach Club is rumored to have one in residence. New owners totally renovated The Tides in 2011. (I wonder if ghostly original owner Emma Foss had any say in the new design.)