Sudden Legacy

Lara’s common sense and her body are of two different opinions when it comes to Julien Diotallevi. She remembers all too well the passionate summer they spent together on the French Riviera. It left her heart-sick, pregnant and alone. She never expected to see him again, but what happens on the riviera doesn’t always stay on the riviera. Now he stands before her, still as breath-taking as ever, only this time he comes bearing startling news, and a legacy of danger.

Sudden Legacy is my steamiest novel to date. It was my first attempt at writing in chronological order, and began its life as an original story on a fanfiction site. This particular site also had a very popular fanfiction going on at the time called Master of the Universe. (You know it as Fifty Shades of Grey.) It was very steamy, and the rabid demand for each posting of MOTU inspired me to make my posts a bit more sexy.

 Fun Fact: Most of the names in this story are family names of my husband’s ancestors. Even the heroine’s name, Lara, is a play on my mother-in-law’s name, Laura. (We call her Mugga.) During my research for this story I needed a location in Italy and I stumbled upon the perfect place. I literally squealed with delight when I saw the name of the place; Mugia! Only one letter off from Mugga, and the perfect place to inspire my fictional country. Kismet.