Strawberry Wine

While visiting her grandparent’s farm for the summer, seventeen-year-old Alli Wilson lies about her age and embarks on a steamy summer romance with the sexy cowboy next door. When circumstances force Alli to stay with her grandparents for the new school year she learns that in addition to being gorgeous, funny and smart, the cowboy next door is also her new English teacher.

Jason Taylor falls hard and fast for the quirky college girl he stumbles upon in his barn. Imagine his surprise when she shows up in his fifth period English class wearing the school uniform and handing him an add slip.

Six years later they must deal with the aftermath of the fallout from Alli’s lie. Alli will stop at nothing to win back Jason’s heart, but six years of hurt betrayal can seem like an eternity.


Strawberry Wine is the first full-length novel I ever finished, and therefore holds a special place in my heart. It was through this novel that I learned I had the ability to write something from start to finish.

I was twice offered publishing contracts for this novel, but both publishers wanted me to change the age of the heroine. I felt that would change the entire dramatic arc of my story, so I declined. Strawberry Wine is a coming of age story about first love and suffering consequences for rash decisions. It was written in two parts and jumps around between the present and the past, but it is easy enough to follow.

Fun Fact: While writing this story I kept picturing Alli as looking like Taylor Swift. It wasn’t until recently that I learned Taylor Swift’s middle name is Alison.